Dr. Hughes Patient Story - Todd Blomberg, Parent

Todd Blomberg's daughter needed ACL surgery after a sports injury. Dr. Michael Hughes helped get her back in the game.

How did your daughter get injured?

She was playing left field, and she went in to back up a base during softball. She kind of tried to cut to change direction to go get the ball, and her leg gave out. She ended up tearing her ACL.

How did Dr. Hughes help calm you and your wife?

Obviously, as a parent, you're nervous because your daughter's injured. It looked bad, and the trainer told us it was probably not good. First of all, I was just impressed by how reassuring Dr. Hughes was to us. He said this was something that he had dealt with many times. She needed surgery, which was also very nerve-wracking for a parent. Everyone at Dr. Hughes' office was very reassuring through the whole process. They were the calming effect on me and my wife. It was a lot easier to go through than I thought it would be.

How did the surgery go?

We got to the hospital to check in, and Dr. Hughes came out and talked to us early in the process. Our nerves were going crazy, but for him to come out and spend a few minutes with us and just explain everything to us again was very reassuring. As soon as the surgery was over, he came back to the surgery suite where we were waiting and told us how everything went. I think we saw him before we ended up seeing her, which is just a testament to his personal level of care that he gives each individual.

How did Dr. Hughes help your daughter return to playing softball her senior year?

That first meeting after the surgery we had our next nine months pretty much planned out. We were a little bit different than maybe some of his patients because we wanted to get her back for her senior year of softball. It was going to be kind of pushing it, and he didn't hold back. He told us that it may not happen. He said, "I'm not going to sign off on it if I don't think she can handle it. But if she puts the time into physical therapy, then I'll sign off on it if I think she's where she needs to be." She really wanted to play her senior year. With him saying, "We're not going to shoot it down. We'll give it a shot, but the work is on you." That really motivated her and gave her hope. She's doing great. She played her senior year. She went off to college, and she's playing intramural sports. The only way you can tell what she went through is a scar. Otherwise, she's doing great.

What would you tell other parents looking for a sports medicine doctor?

You have to see Dr. Hughes. He's the guy you want to see. I don't think he plays favorites. I don't think he just goes through the motions. I think everybody is a special patient with unique needs, and I think he adapts to every separate case, which is outstanding. I think that's what people want.